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Rob Bassett


Rob is a trade qualified plumber, gasfitter and drain layer. With forty years experience at all levels of the plumbing, gas fitting, drain-laying, roofing and civil sectors, proves that his knowledge and experience is extensive. Rob has an unrelenting focus on teamwork and delivering the highest quality work and service to all his customers.

Darren Smyth


Darren is a trade qualified plumber, roofer & gasfitter. During his thirty four years in the industry he has gained considerable knowledge and experience in all aspects of plumbing, gas-fitting, drainage and roofing. His current focus is design and build, costing and management. Darren understands your needs as a customer, and will ensure that the service provided to you is second to none and competitively priced.

Darren is focussed on developing a team that is friendly, professional, effective and efficient.

Brendan Clayton


Brendan is a trade qualified drain layer, and with thirty years experience in the industry his knowledge is vast. Brendan understands the challenges you face, which means he is able to create a drainage solution designed to meet your individual, specific needs. Brendan prides himself on his ability to provide a cost effective solution to the very real issues surrounding depth and access challenges.

Neill Alder


Neill is a trade certified plumber & gasfitter with twenty years experience in the industry.  He has extensive knowledge of the industry and is very proficient at executing solutions to problems. Neill’s high quality of standards reflects within his team. Neill and his team will deliver the highest quality work and service.

Dean Clayton


Dean is a trade qualified drain layer with twenty five years experience in the industry. He has gained significant knowledge and project management experience along the way. Dean is a problem resolution professional and understands the challenges and specific needs.

Tony Pugh


Tony is a trade qualified certifying plumber & gasfitter with twenty seven years experience within the industry. Tony is friendly and approachable. Along with his vast experience, he is able to provide consistently accurate estimation.

John Dowsett


John is an excellent estimator who produces high quality, accurate work. He has many years experience in this field so he understands the issues and traps that people fall into.